The Most Iconic Music Couples

Love sells more than music. The music world line eats and breaths of love songs from the ‘’powerful ballards’’ of Adelle to the battles are so fantastic. When two musicians circle around each other with music i.e. when they are in the same band, they can make things tense. They might be at songwriting pressures, stressors of entertainment while still rooting for their partners. But it feels a sense that is nagging in intrusion and irritation. When two stars get close, things ignite and explode.

The following is a list of couples in the music industry:

1. Jayz and Beyoncé

beyonce and jay z

They first met when they collaborated on their track music ‘’Bonnie and cycle’’ they then recorded together in the year 2003 the song that is known as ’’Crazy love’’. In the year 2013.Thery got married in 2008 and got their first child at 2012.The two couples worked on Beyoncé’s track music known as ‘’drunk in love’’ on 2013.

2. Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan

They are two iconic couples who met while they were filming a movie called ‘’One from my heart’’ Kathleen Brennan was a script writer while Tom Waits was working on the sound track. In the Cotton and the Outsiders club, Tom wrote his 1983 music track known as ‘’Johannesburg Illinois’’ and it was about Kathleen.

3. Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal

gwen stefani and Tony Kanal

They had releaved their pain on their breakup in each time they performed the music known as ‘’Don’t speak on the 28 month’’ and was on the tragic kingdom tour. Gwen wrote the track after the relationship with Tony Kanal came to an end in the year 1990.

4. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

blake shelton and miranda lambert

They are a couple artists that were universally beloved since their marriage in 2011.Shelton has been using her music known as ’’the like a honey bee’’ in forging a mainstream profile that is bigger. Lambert continued to be a critic with the new solo disk ‘’four for the record’’ and also the ’’Annie’s debut’’ pistol album music called ’’hell and heels’’.

5. Chris brown and Rihanna

chris brown and rihanna

They have a relationship which is controversial but they make a powerful pair of R & B music artists .The seventh studio album of Rihanna that include the ‘’unapologetic‘’ song have ranked a million sales. Chris Brown’s sixth album sold at 5.9 million. When combining the two sales, they total up to 15 million for the 2 albums.

6. Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

The couple is a country power and were married in 2005 Dec. ‘’The massive haul‘’ of Brooks ,is the ninth studio album that has sold up to 78 million.

7. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Their career music has proved to be durable since they were married 16 years ago. This stars on country music headline the blockbuster tours and add this to their list of albums and singles that hit. McGraw dropped the twelfth studio album known as ‘’two lanes of freedom’’ while Hill plan in dropping the music called ‘’illusion’’.

8. John Mayer and Taylor Swift

The couple collaborated on ‘’half my heart’’ track music. This is a music track of Meyer in the 2010 battle studies. The song is all about giving half in a relationship that dint let go.