Genres Of Music For Weddings

Music is the glomlous time that people who are attending enjoy listening to the wedding music. The following are the wedding music genres that are appropriate in weddings.

wedding music

Christian wedding music

They are the best and they can get people on the dancing floor. Christian wedding music is the music that projects to the teachings of Jesus Christ. The best wedding songs of this genre may be of rock, jazz or country music. The best rock wedding songs include rock and roll since it is passed with rhythm and blue’s music style. They include ’’You Shook Me All Night’’ by AC/DC and also Aerosmith’s ‘’I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’’. The best Christian songs for a wedding include: ’’Across the Sky’’ this can be a first song. Bob Carlisle and Lisa Beril’s ‘’Answered Prayer’’ and also Carolyn Arend’s ‘’Good Thing Going’’.

Hip hop wedding music

hip hop

Hip hop wedding can also be categorized as rap. The greatest hip hop music for the wedding include: ’’The Message’’ by Grandmaster flash and the furious 5, ’’Rapper’s Delight’’ by Sugar Hill Gang, ’’Planet Rock’’ by Afrika Bambaata.

Jazz wedding music


They are widely known and played in weddings. They are songs of romance; they are danceable and can easily fill the wedding. They include: ’’It Had to Be You’’ by Tony Benelt, ’’Our Love is here to stay’’ by Natalie and many songs.

Instrumental music for weddings


This are the song lyrics that that can make your favorite tunes meangful. This kind of music can be played during the cocktail hour and can be first dance songs. The best 3 instrumental wedding songs are: ‘’Stay with Me‘’ by Sam Smith, ’’Island in the Sun’’ by Weezer, ’’Get Lucky’’ by Daft Punk.

During the wedding, music can be classified into:

Pre-ceremony wedding songs – This type of wedding songs are played from the start of the day as people arrive and take their seats. The music need to be chatting as people greet each otrher. Your selection may include J.S Bach’s ‘’Air on the G String’’.

Pre-processional wedding music – This is a solemn moment that marks the starting of the ceremony. At this time each and every one has taken their seats, the groom and the ushers are waiting at the altar. The music requires being something that has a nice flow. They may include, ’’To a Wild Rose’’ by Edward McDowell.

The processional wedding music – This is the time when the bride, bridesmaid walk down the aisle. The music here can depend on the venue and the formality. The music should include, ’’The Book of Love’’ by Peter Gabriel.

The recessional wedding music – This is the music that marks the end of the wedding ceremony. They need to be joyful and upbeat. The songs here may include: “You and Me” by the Wannadies, ’’This will be an everlasting love’’ by Natalie Cole.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a music person or not, but the wedding music is super important. The following are the tips of an amazing wedding music;

Dismissing the idea of either a band before your research. You need to do research and get recommendations from friends.

Starting the ceremony in silence-Having music during and before the ceremony can help in signaling the guests that it is time to be seated.